Octane Render Material Experiment

Generally I do not find enough time for making experiments with Octane. But tonight I decided to push my bed time little bit further.

After the watching

Create the “Micro Jelly” frame using SSS, GSG HDRI Studio and Octane

tutorials I played with settings and I got this result

Abstract Lights4k_fullress

Abstract Lights4k



There is not a fancy stuff but it is quite good way to understanding some octane shader tools. You can download my scene and psd file from here

Download Scene and Psd File



War Child Animation

Actually this is my Advanced Animation subject’s project. I try reflect my all deep feelings about war child, This is not a recreating a war scene. This is my tears for all innocent children who died or be left an orphan children, I know It is not a master piece but I just try to finish in short amount of time and I am quite happy to submitted this project on time. I really want to thanks Mrs Lienors Torre for all directions and supports.

I will present this project at MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival) on Wednesday  25 June. So I am so excited about it. You can find more Information about MIAF and Blend Symposium.

Technical Details

I mixed up three animation programs but mostly I use Cinema 4d for this project. Because i Had very limited time and I can setup light very quickly in Cinema 4d. I did all animation in Maya and I exported fbx file format for Cinama 4d. I use 3Dsmax for modelling ruin buildings. I use After Effect for creating sketchy effect and color grading.  These are some screen shots from my project. Please send comment and question related this project.


Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.13_[2014.06.07_00.41.45] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.18_[2014.06.07_00.42.13] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.31_[2014.06.07_00.42.32] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.39_[2014.06.07_00.42.48] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.44_[2014.06.07_00.43.14] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.50_[2014.06.07_00.43.29] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.55_[2014.06.07_00.43.40] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.06_[2014.06.07_00.43.57] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.14_[2014.06.07_00.44.10] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.21_[2014.06.07_00.44.35] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.23_[2014.06.07_00.44.42] making off02 egyptfinal035002 egyptfinal0350

Learning Photo Retouching

Actually i am coming from 3d animation background so I do not know Photoshop very deeply however I had to learn some retouching technique for my Advanced Digital Imaging subject. Our project was  retouching two model’s face.

Actually I really wanted work with on abstract retouching project but I work on three different project so I do not enough time for so munch things to do.

This is my learning process so I started to search some good tutorial on the web I found so many good places for example

http://www.photoshoptutorials.ws or design.tutsplus.com but I like http://www.learnphotoediting.net because I was wondering about creating an artwork like which looking high impact advertising so I fallow their tutorials. It was nearly two or three hours but I have learned so many tricks

I started with this modeloriginal02 isabel works02 FirstPicture-for-web

my second model was1_n fin02 fin02web

when I finished all this tutorial I just tried to sharp what I have learned from tutorialsDSC_0145web abdullahkokce Self-Portrait-for-web

Emotion Design

I started to new experimental project for Design Skill subject. Project was designing three different emotion symbols. After selected my three emotion, I started to visual research however every image or design make me confuse. I kept continue to most of time visual research and some very bad sketching




ashamed-1 ashamed2-(2) confused1


these are my final designs. I am happy for all of them but they are too complex from symbol so i think i failed from this aspect. I should simplify all designs but i had to finish in scheduled time period. I learn one thing you can reflect your idea perfectly with your design however important thing  is you have to stick your project description.

1 2 3

HDR Inside Out

Inside Out is HDR interior photo shoot working for Advanced Digital Image subject

I choose Melbourne Exhibition Center for this project. My daughter helped me so much.

9I shoot four different angle for this project with different exposures setting. Because I need to balanced indoor and outdoor lighting. So I started with -2 exposure for getting outdoor lighting and I finished +2 exposure for all indoor details

four-shotI selected one shoot of them for editing and I imported all of them to raw editor.11


3I masked all windows and exterior columns for blending all different exposure images7I also use layer mask for floor and interior columns for smooth transition between images6This is my final result1

Week 2 Editing RAW files

This is second week practice of advanced image subject. Main aim is try to understand Raw image’s advantages and resetting all default parameters with Raw image editor.  I use one of Frank Doorhof’s  Raw file and I change little bit light and color after then I balanced everything in Photoshop. Actually it was very useful week for understand the raw files capabilities and how it can be save your life.

Original raw file
This is my original raw file. It is Frank Doorhof’s image


After editing I export this raw file to photoshop


My Final photoshop export

ACM 202 Prac1 Album Cover

This is first week experiment with Photoshop’s layer mask and composting tools. Actually I did very quickly so i am not happy to final result however I got some powerful Photoshop tricks. For example refine edge tool. I was only use this tool for getting good mask result but i have never use it for hair masking. I always use Verstus Fluid Mask but now I know i do not need this plugin any more refine edge tool already does this job.

I combine this two images together and add a little bit color and text.



we used basic digital image editing skills.