New Workflow

Real time 3d tools are so popular after the GPU revelation. I decided to change my workflow after the Siggraph 2015.  It can be looking easy but it is quite risky in the middle of some continuous projects. I have been working different render engines since 10 years Mental ray, Turtle, Vray or Arnold. My first step was changing my render engine to gpu base one.


I watched so many compression and tutorial videos related GPU base render engines. Finally I decided to try Octane Render and I used  Octane Render demo version for month and I decided to buy it. I got for Cinema 4D version of it. I also made some changes on my desktop like a new gfx 970 graphic card. It is not enough for by self but it is ok for introduction.


Second Step was texturing. I could not decided between Subtance Designer and Quixel long time but after the one month test I decided to go with Quixel. It is working with Photoshop and very easy to understand and it has also very good and active quixel community support.

I got some render with Octane and Quixel you can see them on my gallery section


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