War Child Animation

Actually this is my Advanced Animation subject’s project. I try reflect my all deep feelings about war child, This is not a recreating a war scene. This is my tears for all innocent children who died or be left an orphan children, I know It is not a master piece but I just try to finish in short amount of time and I am quite happy to submitted this project on time. I really want to thanks Mrs Lienors Torre for all directions and supports.

I will present this project at MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival) on Wednesday  25 June. So I am so excited about it. You can find more Information about MIAF and Blend Symposium.

Technical Details

I mixed up three animation programs but mostly I use Cinema 4d for this project. Because i Had very limited time and I can setup light very quickly in Cinema 4d. I did all animation in Maya and I exported fbx file format for Cinama 4d. I use 3Dsmax for modelling ruin buildings. I use After Effect for creating sketchy effect and color grading.  These are some screen shots from my project. Please send comment and question related this project.


Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.13_[2014.06.07_00.41.45] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.18_[2014.06.07_00.42.13] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.31_[2014.06.07_00.42.32] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.39_[2014.06.07_00.42.48] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.44_[2014.06.07_00.43.14] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.50_[2014.06.07_00.43.29] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_00.55_[2014.06.07_00.43.40] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.06_[2014.06.07_00.43.57] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.14_[2014.06.07_00.44.10] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.21_[2014.06.07_00.44.35] Warchild_AbdullahKokce_Assignment3.mov_snapshot_01.23_[2014.06.07_00.44.42] making off02 egyptfinal035002 egyptfinal0350

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